AGRONOMY, ECONOMY, ECOLOGYCommitment to sustainable agricultural production
AGRONOMY, ECONOMY, ECOLOGYCommitment to sustainable agricultural production

Organisational Development

Firm Concepts, Financing Questioning

The economical pressure on agriculture is increasing due to the opening of markets and decreasing optimal labourers. Any investment must be calculated carefully. Responsible people in firms must think in long term steps when deciding in what direction they would like to evolve their business. Especially agricultural firms owned by state or canton, institutions or foundations have a hard time in the evolving market as they also have social, societal or didactic challenges to face.
Agrofutura can provide expertise in firm concepts, finance planning and investment.
We have founded experience in providing agriculturists, tenants, landlords and credit institutions with decision foundations of high quality in short or long term questions.


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Yield and Market Value Estimation, Rent Calculation and Leases

Rent adjustments, farm transfers within the family, or the calculation of the load limit for larger investment projects require a current estimate of the capitalized earnings value. On the other hand, the sale of businesses and land outside the family requires a market value estimate; the maximum permissible selling price must not be exceeded. For the potential buyer, an objective assessment of the purchase price with regard to affordability and for the further financing of subsequent investments is recommended. Expert knowledge and practical experience are the basis for well-founded yield value estimates and rent calculations.

New lease agreements or changes to existing operating or land leases are subject to legal conditions. For example, does the principle "purchase does not break lease" still apply? Can the lessor terminate the lease prematurely and can the lessee demand an extension or damages? What is to be considered when buying an agricultural property? Professional support in lease matters minimises the potential for conflict between the tenants.

Offer: Pachtberatung (GER)

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Compensation, Compensation Models

In order to protect groundwater, promote biodiversity or other similar services, management restrictions are often agreed with farmers. Such restrictions result in a loss of income or additional expense, which is compensated for through annual payments. We have experience in the realistic calculation of the necessary compensations.

The agricultural sector is partially compensated financially for the implementation of services in the public interest. The design of compensation models that minimise the risk of misguided incentives and guarantee the efficient achievement of the desired objectives in the public interest is demanding. It requires in-depth knowledge of the interplay between federal requirements, cantonal solutions and aspects of the practical implementation of measures in the field.

Agrofutura has many years of experience in the development of targeted economic incentives, particularly in the areas of biodiversity promotion and the careful use of natural resources such as soil, water and air.


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