AGRONOMY, ECONOMY, ECOLOGYCommitment to sustainable agricultural production
AGRONOMY, ECONOMY, ECOLOGYCommitment to sustainable agricultural production

Structural Development

Sanctions for structural development create better working and living environments and support a higher standard of living for the population in rural areas. In mountainous areas structural development projects help sustain the local agricultural management.

Agricultural and Landscape development

Does the future within your boarders of effect see large scale shifts within the agricultural landscape?
For example an agricultural melioration or perhaps large scale changes of management within the agricultural fields? Would you like to generate impulses for future development within your agricultural reach? You do not want to risk any chances of bad change and would love to lead the development yourself?

You would like to know how agricultural policy changes and impacts structures within agriculture and the development of the environment? Your Aim is to have a multifaceted and speciose environment and a modern agriculture with harmonic interaction?
We advise communities and cantons for concepts, planning and execution of agricultural and environmental concepts.

Your Contact: Andreas Hofmann



Digitalization of Agriculture

With our many Partners in research, consulting and business, the implementation of innovation and creation of business models for a successful implementation of innovation within the market in addition with boosting the cooperation between research and implementation helps bring agriculture, innovation, ecology and economy in to close harmony.

Your Contact: Martin Holpp



Voluntary Realignment of Boundaries, Melioration

The voluntary realignment of boundaries is a procedure which Agrofutura and her partnering companies within pilot project (synergies within rural areas) have developed in the past years.
The main goal of this procedure is to ease hard management proportions within a certain areas and thus lowering production costs.
Voluntary realignment of boundaries show most effect where no procedures of higher order like renaturations, high tide protections, meliorations or road work are being implemented.
Your Contact: Andreas Hofmann



Alpine Economy Planning and Questioning

Sanitation of alpine structures, expansion of alpine areas or the implementation of nature and landscape protection projects are likely to be have complex elements such as investment or change of cultivation.
When public sources are finance building sites authorities need a neutral office of expertise to analyse food sources and quantities and the potentials of usage and output of agricultural pasturage.
The team of Agrofutura works on multifaceted alpine plans of usage founded on vegetation and position cartography and processes nature and landscape protective questionings in summering areas.


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Your Contact: Severin Dietschi